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Dental Practices - Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Screening

Does your dental practice want to expand services to investigate patients who snore or perhaps have sleep apnoea? Do you know how to detect snoring or sleep apnoea? Do you know the difference in treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea? Inspired Diagnostics can provide you with simple to use sleep apnoea screening services and help you differenciate between those patients who may benefit from mandibular advancement devices and those who would benefit from CPAP. We can support your dental practice with training, sleep screening services and complete sleep and snoring services.

.image Sleep apnoea is a growing problem in our population with at least 4% of men in the UK over 40 having symptoms of sleep apnoea. An even larger and growing number are snorers who have problems with their daytime sleepines which not only effects their partners, but effects their work and livelihood. imageThe Dental Practice is a good place to discover patients who may have snoring or sleep apnoea and a good place to begin a sleep study service. But starting your own sleep service can be daunting, which is where we can help. Inspired Diagnostics can help you to start a sleep apnoea and snoring service by providing training for you dental nurses, helping you to screen your patients with simple screening services and even advising about treatments and patient pathways for the future Inspired Diagnostics has a team of dedicated national experts in sleep apnoea treatment with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The DH 18 Weeks Pathway for Sleep Breathing Disorders has recently been published and recommends screening for snoring and sleep apnoea BUT ONLY using trained and competent personnel. Why not become competent and trained in sleep and snoring measurement and treatment?

We can offer; Training in opportunities for Sleep Apnoea Services in Dental Practice. Training in sleep apnoea and snoring for Dental Nurses (the physiology, the causes, how to detect sleep apnoea and how to treat succesfully). Sleep screening services (Issue, reporting and interpreting sleep screener studies). Advice on Sleep Apnoea issues.
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