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Inspired Diagnostics - “inspiration through quality”

Inspired Diagnostics - a respiratory company that cares about respiratory issues. We specialise in four main areas; (1) Respiratory Measurement,  (2) Sleep Apnoea Diagnosis, (3) Lung Function Quality & Reporting & (4) Medico-Legal Reports  image 

The common theme to all our services is the belief in quality standards of respiratory measurement whether it is for patients being screened in primary care, subjects undertaking tests in clinical trials or in the course of a medico-legal case where lung function or sleep studies help to determine their diagnosis correctly. Our expertise is in quality measurements and our ability to train others to the same standards that we adhere to.

Lung function testing has raised its profile in respiratory medicine in the last decade as the result of a series of UK government targets and initiatives in healthcare. Firstly, the Department of Health (DH) 18 Week Target has fuelled the Diagnostics Agenda imageto decrease waiting times for all diagnostic procedures and to streamline patient pathways to therapy and monitoring.  image The DH Physiological Measurement initiative has increased the importance of diagnostic testing in the patient pathway, and none more so than lung function testing for screening, accurately diagnosing and monitoring lung disease.  The changing role of the workforce will mean that more specialists (e.g. nurses, physiotherapists, GPs pharmacists and even patients) will have to use and understand lung function tests in their routine clinical practice. The new “NHS Landscape” is encouraging transfer of more diagnostics and monitoring services to be commissioned and delivered in primary care.  Therefore there is now the need for a respiratory consultancy to help advise and explain the best services for respiratory and sleep physiology diagnostics and treatment to GPs and Practice Nurses & Managers to help support and develop your respiratory physiology needs.